Friday, February 03, 2006

Politics and worldview 4 - Support the ACDP!

...continued from Politics and Worldview 3.

I sent out the following letter (between the two horizontal lines) today to all the people I know that call themselves Christian here in South Africa. It is basically an appeal to the Christians of this country.

We are living in a time in which almost anything is possible. Humans have put people on the moon and now have gone as far as sending a spacecraft all the way to the planet Pluto. Daily, the airwaves are filled with information that either get decoded into radio output on millions of radios or as television output onto millions of televisions. Information is travelling around this earth in all kinds of format, from radio to TV to emails and SMSs. Information can be disseminated in a matter of seconds to people all around the globe.

Information can inform to the point of changing attitudes and helping people change their minds.

This is where you come in!

As Christians we have a mandate to stand for what God stands for and nothing else. When we look at the political parties in South Africa it quickly becomes apparent that most of these parties do not have God's issues at heart. Most of these parties are so similar in their policies that they could actually be the same party. Just consider the ANC and the DA. On one essential point, abortion, they are exactly the same!

It certainly is time, especially with the local municipal elections of 1 March 2006, for every Christian to decide where he stands. It is interesting that according to statistics, South Africa is majority Christian with more than 70% claiming to be Christian. However, when we vote, we do not show that majority at all!

The question we have to ask is "Why?" There can only be two reasons: either those who claim to be Christians are not Christian at all, or those Christians do not have a Biblical worldview to guide them in their vote. You have to decide for yourself where you stand.

As a candidate in these coming elections I can say with genuineness of heart that the ACDP certainly has God's issues at heart. It is a thoroughly Christian party standing for strong Biblical principles. The ACDP also does not consist of a group of super-spiritual people that are of no earthly good. There are many capable people in the ACDP who are willing to sacrifice of themselves to do a job in government--local or national--that fellow Christians can be proud of.

It all depends on Christians who are willing to stand up and say: "I am willing!"

The question is: Are you willing? Remember, we are in a battle of worldviews, and we know the worldview of the Bible is the only correct one.

So, if you are willing, you can do one of four things: (1) Call your local ACDP branch today and offer your services as a volunteer in these coming elections, (2) Support the ACDP financially (every rand helps in the cause), (3) At least send this email to 5 (or more) other Christians you know, (4) Vote for your ACDP candidate. Hopefully you will do all four!

God can use you today!


William Dicks
ACDP Candidate Ward 47 Tshwane
+27 83 556 7600
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