Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Change Your Vote and Save Terri

I have sent the following email to some of the Florida senators that voted "No" for the bill that was to save Terri Schiavo's life.
If more could write, but especially call them by phone, they might just change their votes.
The subject of the emails to these senators is the same as today's blog.

Dear Senator <name>,
My email probably does not mean anything to you, since I am a South African living in South Africa.
However, I would like to bring to your attention that decisions made in the USA still make people sit up in other countries, even South Africa.
In my opinion, a decision against life and for death, especially in the Terri Schiavo case can have terrible repercussions across the globe and not just in the USA. Make such a decision and not long from now the downward slide will start in other countries. If the greatest nation in the world does not respect living human beings, why should lesser nations? This is exactly what happened with Roe vs Wade and the abortion apocalypse.
I do not believe that Terri deserves death, especially not in this excruciating way of starvation. Terri is not in a comatose vegetative state. She still has cognative abilities which have already been proven. Is it right that murderous criminals have more legal representation than does Terri Schiavo? Is it right that an unelected judge who in reality does not represent the people make a death-decision of such great proportions?
You represent the people, and I am sure--if I understand the greatness of the American people--that the people themselves would vote for life in this case. Please, represent the people who voted for you and make the right decision. Vote for Terri's life, not her death!
Please uphold the true constitution of the USA and not that one so reinterpreted by unelected judges!
Thank you for your time and may God bless you!

William Dicks
"Moral crusaders with zeal but no ethical understanding are likely to give us solutions that are worse than the problems."
-- Charles Colson
How Now Shall We Live?

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Just thinking...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Tutu reveals who he really is...

Former archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu this week revealed who he really was when he stood up in support of the "gay" lifestyle.
At the opening of the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Rosebank, Johannesburg, Tutu told gays and lesbians "[y]ou should love who you are." In his speech Tutu, according to News24.com, said that "sexuality was about creativity and self expression, and alternative sexualities should be celebrated."
How is it that Tutu never tells adulterers that they should "love who they are?" Hasn't some quack of a psychologist or scientist shown that adulterers are genetically disposed to adultery? For every sin listed in the Bible, some "scientist" has shown that that particular sin was genetically wired into some people. Do you sin? Don't worry! Its in your DNA. Are you gay? Shame, you can't help it. Its in your DNA! Even Tutu has fallen for that garbage!
Homosexuality or lesbianism are not alternative sexualities! There are no sexualities apart from being male and female! Tutu is right in that sexuality is about creativity. However, explain to me how homosexuality and lesbianism can be about creativity! Nothing can be created out of this type of sex! Sex can only be creative between a man and a woman. This sex was preserved by God for a man and a woman within the marriage covenant.
Since when does a man who claims to be a Christian tell sinners to love who they are? It seems to only happen to those who have denied the very God they claim to serve. Those who deny the very Word that God has given us for our own benefit will do this kind of stuff. We as Christians, especially those who preach from the pulpit, should rather preach the full gospel and make a call to holiness!
Maybe former archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu should not just stand up against unrighteous governments, but also against unrighteous sinners who have defiled their bodies with despicable acts! Sure, show them love, but also show them undeniable truth.
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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Law and Terri Schiavo

Michael Schiavo, the former husband of death-sentenced Terri Schiavo seems to think that the US legal system is the be-all-and-end-all! How can a person be so dense as to find it "uncomprehensible (sic) to think that a private family matter that has gone through the judiciary system for the past seven years - I mean, we're talking all the way up to the United States Supreme Court - and for a governor to come into this without any education on the subject and push his personal views into this and have his Republican legislation pass laws so that this doesn't happen." How much eduaction does one need to know that starving someone to death is murder the same as someone being shot to death! I am sure even a first grader can understand this point! And, since when is the starvation of a former wife a private family matter? Effectively causing the death of another person is certainly not a private matter! Further, since when has the Supreme Court the power to decide life or death for anyone but a dangerous criminal? Simply because the Supreme Court agrees with Michael Schiavo does not mean they are right. Even if the majority of Americans decided Terri should die does not make it right! Morality and ethics are not decided upon through democratic elections. Way much less through unelected US Supreme Court judges who presume to play God!
Michael Schiavo claims that Jeb Bush is "basically jumping right over the state court's decision. We might as well not have any state courts." Funny he should say that. Since when do state courts and Supreme Courts make laws for the land? They are supposed to enact the law in the courts, not reinterpret and demolish the original meaning and intent of the constitution and laws. Many of the judges in the US these days run roughshod over the US constitution and its laws with their depraved little minds imagining themselves the original interpreters of American life and its values. When will the US government stand up against these runaway judges and tighten the reins around what they are allowed to do and what not? The three branches of the US government are supposed to keep a check on each other, but so far in the last 40 or so years, no one has kept a check on the judicial.
All of Michael Schiavo's protestations against anybody standing in the way of the murder (starvation) of his ex-wife make me think he has something to hide. Is he scared the real truth about her condition will come out if she regains her speech? We simply do not know. It makes one think, however!
It is time for Michael Schiavo to realize that there really is a higher law in the land. The law of God. Whether he acknowledges that law or not is besides the point. One day each of us must stand before our Maker. How will you fare Michael Schiavo?
Let Terri Schiavo live!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What does it really matter?

My wife and I completed the Cape Argus Cycle Tour on 13 March 2005. It is the largest individually timed race in the world with a limit of 35,000 entrants. It is a hilly 109Km (67.73mi) race with some of the most spectacular scenery to be seen. It was also a day with strong winds that caused many speed wobbles on a route that was covered with cyclists from beginning to end.

My wife and I ride a tandem bicycle and we started with the social tandem category at 08:40 in the morning. The winner of the race finished 12 minutes after we started. I still believe there should be a category for people like my wife and I and some other tandem riders: the VERY social tandem category. Our VERY social status can be seen in the time it took for us to finish the race: 6 hours 4 minutes. During the race our tandem's back wheel had 3 punctures and the back chain also came off. To top it off, my left quad, that had been giving me lots of troubles for the last 3 months, started hurting real bad with about 64Km (39.77mi) left in the race. At the top of the highest point in the race with about 14Km (8.7mi) left in the race I decided to stop for some physio. Needless to say, we finished the race and I am glad we did it.

My wife has been asking if we could have done better in the race. I suppose we could have if we did more than the odd Saturday ride in the last 6 weeks before the race.

This made me think of the 1000s of riders who did not make their goal times on race day. Some missed it by a few minutes while others missed it by much more. Some are very upset that they missed their goal times by those few minutes. My question is this: What does it really matter? If we are not challengers for top honours and we end up missing our own goals by those few minutes, what do we gain by being upset by it? Some get so upset by this that it makes me think that it is such a great matter of importance to them that it literally defines their lives.

Now, some of these people are Christians and it makes me wonder how these people think if this is something that defines their lives. In these cases the sin of pride rears its ugly head. It ends up that all these people can talk about is cycling and the few minutes they did not make. Please, do not read between the lines here since I am not writing ANYTHING between the lines. I believe it is wonderful when people can push themselves to do better in every field of life, but when Christians' lives are defined by anything but the Lord Jesus then they have propped up an idol in their lives.

Way back in 1993 I ran my first Comrades Marathon. I went on to run 3 of them with my last one in 1995, the same year my first child was born (a beautiful little girl who turned 10 this year). I soon realized that my goals of running and training for the Comrades Marathon (90Kms) took too much time away from my daughter. That is when I decided that running was not as important as my daughter. The same goes for cycling. If it starts interfering with my family relationships (wife, daughter and son), it will have to go. I think it is this attitude, which my wife shares with me, that ensures that we will never be one of the fast tandems. Since our training day is a Saturday, and our kids have sporting events on many Saturdays, we end up not riding as much as we could. My rule is this, if my kids have events on Saturdays, we simply do not go ride.

My greatest fear for so many Christians that get involved in sport, is that it becomes their defining activity in life. Instead of always having Christ before them and encouraging one another in the faith, one only hears about the sport that they do. I do not want this to happen to me or my family. I still endeavour to live out the motto that "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Christ." If we find our satisfaction in anything but Christ, how can God be glorified in us? How can we glorify God if our lives are defined by a sport, or a job, a car, a house, a neighboirhood or the money we make?

Eric Liddell from Chariots of Fire fame said: "I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run, I feel his pleasure." The difference between Eric Liddell and many of today's Christians in sport is that Eric Liddell never forgot God's purpose for him and he ended up dying in China proclaiming the gospel to a lost nation.

How many of us as Christians can truly say that God has a higher purpose for us than riding pieces of metal or carbon fibre and finding personal worth in that?

Just thinking...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Born that way?

In the Sunday Times of March 6, 2005, Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane from the Anglican Church in South Africa gave a few insights into the latest meetings they had as a church community. Obviously, the homosexual issue was in the forefront of the discussions.
He writes that "[i]t was felt that both Americans and Canadians had seriously offended against the spirit of our common life." Is that all they offended? How about offending a holy God who clearly spelled out His position on sexual depravity, including homosexuality and lesbianism!? He also writes "[w]e must give the Americans and Canadians the space to take counsel at every level, right down to the parishes, and support them with our prayers." Why is it that they must take counsel at every level, but they are not instructed to take counsel from the Bible. It is because they have taken counsel at every level from fallen humans and not from God Himself as He defined His thoughts for us in the Bible that they are in this mess right now! When will people stand up for what is right before God and His Word and not for what is right in the eyes of depraved men and women?
The Archbishop continues: "The Anglican Church in Southern Africa will consecrate a homosexual or lesbian person as long as they are celibate, and there are many homosexual and celibate clergy in the church. The Anglican Church requires all unmarried clergy to be celibate and understands marriage as being between a man and a woman. We have on numerous occasions repeated our unreserved commitment to the pastoral support and care of homosexual people." As long as a gay is celibate? What does that mean? It would be the same to say that the church will consecrate celibate adulterers! It doesn't mean anything. How about consecrating murderers that haven't killed anyone yet? What nonsense!
He still continues: "There also needs to be more listening by the church generally to the experiences of gay and lesbian Christians, as the 1998 Lambeth Conference resolution required." Perhaps we should listen more to those murdering "Christians" too? How about listening to the pedophiliac "Christians?" Wouldn't that be nice? The church should listen to anyone, but ALWAYS respond with the truth and nothing BUT the truth so help us God!
The Archbishop also makes the statement: "I admit that I am dismayed whenever I hear language that seeks to make distinctions among people or discriminates on the basis of things over which we have no control — such as race, colour, gender or sexual orientation. These are aspects of the way we are born — and, as Christians, we believe each one of us is created reflecting the image of God. I personally experienced prejudice, exclusion and injustice for more than two-thirds of my life, simply because I was born black." The Bible is clear, God made us male and female. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! To cast homosexuals into the same group as blacks and so claim that that discrimination amounts to the same is an affront to blacks in this world. Blacks are born black, males are born male and females are born female. To discriminate on any of these issues is simply wrong. However, males are not born female or vice versa! There is not a shred of evidence that any homosexual was born that way. There is no homosexual DNA! There is black DNA. Male DNA or female DNA. But no homosexual DNA! Our dear Archbishop is cowering up to a tiny minority of depraved individuals to sound like he is tolerant. He is not tolerant! He simply is denying the Bible and the God of the Bible!
Denying consecration to homosexuals is discriminatory. So is denying consecration to a two year old. Are we making a fuss about that? If God demands holy lives from the pastors of the church, then so should we!
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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Life should be precious..

In a world that claims to be running on values, how is it that we find so little? Especially values connected to the value of life? The Green Peace crowd will go so far as blow up labs that experiment on rats, because these rats have the right to life and dignity. Yet, isn't it amazing that unborn human beings do not have that same right of life and dignity! Isn't it horrific to know that one day your life may be cut short by a judge who thinks he is 'god.' There is such a judge. Judge Greer in Florida, USA. He has sentenced Terri Schiavo to death by starvation starting at 1PM on 18 March 2005.
One would think that the days of starving unwanteds to death like in Roman days were over. But think again! The human condition hasn't changed. It is still as corrupt as ever. Mankind will continue to find ways to please itself. How do we get rid of those that burden our sorry souls? Simply get a liberal judge to sentence them to death! No crime is needed for such a death sentence. Simply be in the way of people in this narcissistic age. We have gone so far down the self-love and self-esteem highway of hell that we have forgotten that the golden rule is to love others as we love ourselves. Yet, we would rather murder someone like Terri Schiavo than care for her! It is always the easy way out, isn't it? What is it with modern man? From instant coffee to instant death! Modern man is no more civilised than old Rome was. We have gone full circle. From the Romans who would leave unwanted, helpless babies to legally starve to death under the sun, moon and stars; to legally starve to death unwanted spouses, parents or children.
I call this murder, because that is what it is! Simply because a judge orders Terri Schiavo's starvation to death doesn't make it right!
If the Bush family is so pro-life, how is it that they could allow rogue agents of the state such as these liberal judges to commit murder in the name of the state? It is high-time that presidents and governors put a stop to judges that make laws. These judges are there to explain the law to the people, not make them! Jeb Bush claims that he would do everything within the law to stop this starvation order. If this is the case, then he should have this "judge" arrested for attempted murder together with Terri Schiavo's ex-husband!
Come people: STAND UP FOR LIFE!
Just thinking...

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