Friday, March 24, 2006

God's Sovereignty in Prayer

Have you ever thought about why we pray? If God is sovereign, then why pray?

An excellent resource is John Resisinger's The Sovereignty of God in Prayer.

To quote from the overview:

The author tells us what prayer is NOT:

  1. Prayer never makes God my servant to give me everything I think I must have in order to make me happy. God is not a "heavenly bellhop" who carries my suitcase of selfish desires any place I command.
  2. Prayer never allows me to either dictate my will to God nor to make God in any way change His mind.
  3. God has a fixed plan and His plan is the best plan. God is determined to carry out His plan, and neither our sin nor out "believing" prayers are going to derail or in any way change God's ultimate decree's (Job 23:13).

The author also tells us what real prayer IS:

  1. True prayer is a frank admission that God is sovereign. When we really pray we admit that the thing is in God's hands alone. We are saying that tomorrow, and all it brings, is not under our control but under His control. It is in His hands and not ours.
  2. Prayer is a joyful surrender to God sovereign purposes. We are acknowledging that God has the right and power to do whatever seems good to Him. We are saying that regardless of what God does tomorrow, we know it is part of the "all things" in Rom. 8:28.
  3. Prayer is earnestly pleading with God for grace to glorify Him regardless of what He does. We are really saying, "Father, give me grace to trust you and act like your child whether you say yes or no."


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