Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where are the Puritans?

Where are the Puritans today? If it could ever happen I am sure they would be spinning in their graves right now!
"A new UK policy will see nurses dispensing contraceptives to schoolchildren and referring girls for secret abortions in all schools – primary and secondary – across the nation."
It seems like the UK has totally lost their moral compass. It almost seems like they never had one!
Just thinking...


zane anderson said...

"All who hate me love death." England aborting its future. How very sad.

As the church went, so goes the nation.

William, have you ever considered a church in your house?

William Dicks said...

Actually, I haven't really considered having a church in my house. I am fairly positive about house churches up to a point. Why are you asking?

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