Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Sovereignty Of God In Providence

John Reisinger from Sound of Grace has an excellent booklet called The Sovereignty Of God In Providence .

This is an excellent resource on the sovereignty of God. He deals with six principles as quoted below:

"God has a definite plan and purpose for the world. Job 23:13; Eph. 1:8-12.

God is always in control of all things and is constantly at work in accomplishing His plan. Hab. 1:1-11; Isa. 10:5,6.

God controls and uses everyone, even the devil, in working out His plan. Isa. 10:7-11; Ps. 76:10.

God punishes people He uses to accomplish His purposes when they act out of wrong motives. Isa. 10:12-16; Acts 2:23,24; Mt. 27:15-26.

All things are from God, but the devil is the agent of all evil. II Sam. 24:1; I Chron. 21:1.

Although all sickness and affliction are part of God's purposes and  under His sovereign control, it does not follow that all sickness and affliction are necessarily chastisement for sin. Job 1:1,6-2:10; 13:15."

Just thinking...

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