Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Those who call themselves Christians...

Something that has been on my mind for some time now seems to have appeared in blogdom. At Pyromaniac, Phil Johnson mentioned the fact that a man like T.D. Jakes made TIME magazine's list of the top most influential evangelicals in the USA. At FROM THE HEAD OF THE MOOR, Jonathan Moorhead blogged two very good and interesting blog messages on T.D. Jakes and also Tommy Tenney.This is a subject that is very dear to my heart. To read a bit more about what I have written about a Oneness pentecostal's views, please visit my article called GWEN SHAMBLIN’S BELIEF ABOUT THE TRINITY: A REBUTTAL.
It simply amazes me how many churches today, notably charismatic churches, have accepted the books, videos and CDs of both Jakes and Tenney. A very popular singing group--Philips, Craig and Dean (PCD)--is also very popular here in South Africa. A very good article about their doctrine was written by Eric Nielsen at Alpha and Omega Ministries.
What concerns me is that churches simply do not care about issues like this. Neither do Christian radio stations. Some time ago I brought the issue of PCD's theology up at a local Christian radio station with proper documentation, such as that from Eric Nielsen. At least the radio station was willing to study the issue. However, about a week or so later they decided that PCD had no doctrinal errors concerning the Godhead! This points to the fact that people at Christian radio stations--in this case a man with a degree in theology--are confused about the doctrine of the Trinity or perhaps they just don't care.
A large local church with 6000+ members is also a large purveyor of the materials of Jakes, Tenney and PCD. The problem however, is that this church (at least in doctrinal statement) is orthodox. How is it that a church (in this case with about 20 pastors) can have such an explosive theological issue slip past them? Is it perhaps that such things are not checked out? Or, perhaps such things just don't matter anymore? Maybe it is more important to be in with the hot moving crowd in the church growth movement and seeker sensitive churches!
The fact is that I do believe these churches no longer understand what the important doctrines of the church are! They no longer know how to distinguish between real Christians and Christians in name only.
I believe this calls for a reformation in the church today. It is time we stop calling for revival! Revival to what? What is the use if the church at large is devoid of the truth of God. It will simply be revival to erroneous doctrine! There can be no revival or worship of God without the truth of God. The fact is that a god that is only interested in relationship cannot be trusted, since trust can only be based on truth; without which true relationship cannot exist! How arrogant of the modern church to think that it can define who God is and how doctrines should be defined! It is because of this overweening attitude of the church that they can no longer recognize truth!
The church wants worship that can reach God, but worship bereft of truth is not just empty worship, it is useless worship. It is a worship rejected by God.
What is the deal anyway with these churches and their animadversion against theology and doctrine? The fact is, that if you have any theology at all, you might as well take the time and energy to have good solid Biblical theology. Yet, even those who attack theology and doctrine, indeed have their own theology and doctrine. To despise theology and doctrine, is to despise the very God of the Bible! Why do I say this? Any thought you have concerning God reveals your own theology and doctrine. Once you have read a verse of Scripture and made a pronouncement on what you believe concerning that verse, you have formulated theology and doctrine. You cannot detach theology and doctrine from your faith. The very fact that you have a thought (any thought) about God, reveals the fact that you have theology and doctrine. You cannot for a moment think that your thought processes about God can be autonomous from theology and doctrine. You are only fooling yourself!
It is time that the true church stands up once again (like the church in the days of Athanasius) against false doctrine and call a spade a spade!
Can someone who does not believe in the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity indeed be called a Christian, never mind being called an evangelical?
Just thinking...


AK said...

Hi just ran into your blog while random searching on internet

Was interesting to read your blog, first time found blog from South Africa

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DJP said...

Well-said. I intend to link and comment over at my blog, probably tomorrow.


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