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Heresies in the church - Part 1

On July 26, 2005 I wrote in a blog article called Those who call themselves Christians... the following:
"Something that has been on my mind for some time now seems to have appeared in blogdom. At Pyromaniac, Phil Johnson mentioned the fact that a man like T.D. Jakes made TIME magazine's list of the top most influential evangelicals in the USA. At FROM THE HEAD OF THE MOOR, Jonathan Moorhead blogged two very good and interesting blog messages on T.D. Jakes and also Tommy Tenney.This is a subject that is very dear to my heart. To read a bit more about what I have written about a Oneness pentecostal's views, please visit my article called GWEN SHAMBLIN'S BELIEF ABOUT THE TRINITY: A REBUTTAL.

"It simply amazes me how many churches today, notably charismatic churches, have accepted the books, videos and CDs of both Jakes and Tenney. A very popular singing group--Philips, Craig and Dean (PCD)--is also very popular here in South Africa. A very good article about their doctrine was written by Eric Nielsen at Alpha and Omega Ministries."
Apart from allowing the anti-Trinitarians into the church, the church--especially the charismatic church--has allowed other errors and heresies into its fold to flourish. The amazing thing about this is that this influx of heresies and heretics has gone on without much resistance to it. There is a lot of talk in the charismatic church about discernment, however it is not theological discernment.

It is quite mystifying that the "spirit" didn't warn them about these heresies and heretics!

I am talking about those in the Word-of-faith (WOF) movement like Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer and many more related to these people.

The way they have distorted the gospel is astounding to say the least! They have made a very successful assault on the true Biblical gospel to such an extent that many well-meaning churches not only approve of their nonconformance to the Biblical gospel, but happily sell their goods (books, videos/DVDs/ tapes, etc) for financial gain! Should a church that sells this stuff be reckoned to be compliant with the teachings of the WOF? I would think so! Hardly anybody would sell something they disagree with, unless of course it is purely driven by money!

The WOF group is teaching a gospel at variance with the gospel of the Bible. They stand squarely against the apostle Paul who wrote:
Gal 1:8-9 ESV "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. (9) As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed."
The greatest effect of WOF heresies is on the atonement of Jesus Christ for our sins. Many Word-Faith teachers claim that redeemed man has the nature of God and that fallen man has the nature of Satan. According to these teachers, Jesus Christ voluntarily took upon Himself man's sinful nature and His very nature changed.

They also teach that when man (Adam) rebelled or "committed high treason,"
he not only took on the nature of Satan, but betrayed God by turning over to Satan what God had given him. So, in order to redeem mankind and creation from Satan's "legal" control, Jesus as the second Adam, had to die not only physically but spiritually. According to these false teachers, Jesus took on the very nature of Satan on the cross, died spiritually, and while completing the plan of redemption in hell, was born again.

The problem with their particular way of preaching is that they can say a lot of things that sound so good and which appeal very much to modern man's lust after material gain. Their heretical teachings are well hidden among the other things they say, so perhaps you won't hear it the first time you listen to them, but upon a little study of their teachings you can find a lot that is just plain heresy.

The Atonement

They major on destroying the Biblical atonement, until no atonement is made.

Fred Price believes that the punishment for our sins was not for someone to die on the cross for us. If that were the case the two thieves could have paid the price. "No, the punishment was to go into hell itself and to serve time in hell separated from God." [1] Benny Hinn takes it a step further by claiming that "Jesus Christ knew the only way he would stop Satan was by becoming one in nature with him." [2]

Apparently the death of Christ was not enough in God's plan of redemption, according to Kenneth Copeland. "When Jesus cried "It is finished!" He was not speaking of the plan of redemption. There were still three days and nights to go through before He went to the throne. He was referring to the Abrahamic Covenant. Jesus' death on the cross was only the beginning of the complete work of redemption" [3] Copeland continues: "He accepted the sin nature of Satan in His own spirit. And at that moment that He did so He cried, 'My God, My God, Why hast thou forsaken me?' You don't know what happened at the cross. Why do you think Moses, upon instruction of God, raised the serpent upon that pole instead of a lamb? That use to bug me. I said, 'Why in the world would you want to put a snake up there - the sign of Satan? Why didn't you put a lamb on that pole?' And the Lord said, 'Because it was a sign of Satan that was hanging on the cross.' He said, 'I accepted in my own spirit, spiritual death; and the light was turned off'" [4] One of the recent girls in favour here in South Africa is Joyce Meyer. She is no different from her colleagues in the WOF movement. She says this: "There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth I am presenting. You cannot go to heaven unless you believe with all your heart that Jesus took your place in hell"[5] and "During that time He entered hell, where you and I deserved to go (legally) because of our sin. He paid the price plan was too extreme...Jesus paid on the cross and in hell." [6]

If these quotes from some of the main proponents of WOF do not set off alarm bells in your heart, then I would suggest you get to know the Biblical gospel.

If the atonement is undone, then there is no salvation to speak of! If Jesus did not pay for our sin on the cross with His own blood, then we as Christians are most to be pitied. Then we have nothing to live for!

Next time I will post on how these people believe that Jesus suffered not only a physical death, but also a spiritual death!

Read Heresies in the church - Part 2.

Just thinking...

End Notes
[1] Frederick K.C. Price, Ever Increasing Faith Messenger, June 1990, p7.
[2] Benny Hinn, Benny Hinn broadcast on TBN, December 15, 1990.
[3] Kenneth Copeland, "Jesus - Our Lord of Glory", Believer's Voice of Victory, April, 1982, p3.
[4] Kenneth Copeland, What Happened From the Cross to the Throne? cassette tape, Kenneth Copeland Ministries.
[5] Joyce Meyer, The Most important Decision You will Ever Make, 1991.
[6] Ibid. p35


Anonymous said...

you are terribly mistaken.

William Dicks said...

Your erudition and logic astounds me!

Dave said...

The WoF movement teaches that we are all gods insomuch as we have the ability to create from nothing our desires.

Good article.

Anonymous said...

So you actually spend all your time analysing these things? Then you don't have a life! According to you, all major christian movements are BAD,BAD BAD! Get a life man!

William Dicks said...

Hi 2nd Anonymous,

No, I do not spend all my time analyzing these things. If you spent just a little time analyzing when these posts were written, you'd notice that they were written back in Aug 2005.

Further, it does not seem like you even bothered reading this series, since I never make all major Christian movements out as BAD, BAD, BAD! No, only the word-of-faith movement with its heretical doctrines and those men/movements that deny the Biblical doctrine of the trinity.

Drix said...

So Anonymous, are you saying you don't analyse what gets told to you and accept it without thinking twice? But you don't accept what William says?

I can only but agree with William!

Anonymous said...

What exactly are you disagreeing with here? Every church I have ever been too, and every Christian I have ever met, ever; agrees that Jesus died for our sins, so we are saved? What do you believe?

William Dicks said...

Hi Anonymous, if you have read through the whole series related to this post, then you would clearly see what I am against. The WOF heresy is one of the most insidious errors that Christianity has ever seen. It masquerades as Christianity but is an error that not only teaches people wrong, it ensnares them on the way to hell.

To see what I believe also read What is the Gospel? What is the foundation to the Gospel?

Unknown said...

I wonder what u believe, if u are against the faith movement and the bibilical sacrifice for sin of man kind in which Christ became a substitution for our sin, i think u sud spend more time with d word cos u re d one in error. U kept mentioning bibilical gospel but u didnt state ur own definition of that ur gospel. U re d one trying to preach another gospel, so watch ur life.

William Dicks said...

Hi Tosin,

If you want to know what I believe concerning the gospel, maybe you should read more than just this one article or series of articles on my blog. I have written 704 articles on this blog, and you could not find one that addressed the gospel!

Let me help you! Please read What is the Gospel? What is the foundation to the Gospel?

Nowhere do I deny Christ's substitutionary sacrifice on the cross for sinners. It is the WOF movement that denies this substitutionary sacrifice, because the death on the cross is not enough for them.

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