Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Proud Dad!

I am always proud of the accomplishments of my children. Sometimes the accomplishments are tiny, yet I will still praise my kids for the small things they do well. Like when my son bowls a better ball in cricket than before, or my daughter gets 1% more in her Sepedi (a black South African language) test.

However, I am currently particularly proud of both my children.

This past weekend (Oct 28), my son, Jason (9yrs), participated in a gymnastics competition with several clubs attending. This was also the first time that Jason competed in 6 instead of 4 events. They did not perform the vault as usual, and therefore did 3 extra events that they previously did not perform.

Apart from the usual events of vault (excluded this time), floor, high bar and parallel bars, they added the pommel horse, rings and handstands.

In the overall results, my son received a silver medal, and in the individual events he also won the rings. With the handstands the kids had to stand on their hands for 25 seconds. In this event he completed the mandatory 25 seconds and was given a score of 9.8 for execution.

So, for my son it was a good weekend. We are so proud of him.

On October 18, 2006, my daughter, Nicole (11yrs), did her UNISA (University of South Africa) piano exam. The results arrived yesterday. She received an over-all score of 90% and as a result made it onto the university's Roll of Honour. I am sure you can imagine how proud we are of her accomplishment. I just wish I can get her to practice her piano more than one day per week.

Well, that is enough bragging for now!

Proud Dad!

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