Monday, December 11, 2006

Some men refuse to grow up!

Dr. Al Mohler wrote a commentary called Thank God for Testosterone? Confusion About Christian Manhood. It is an excellent, precise commentary without mincing words.

With the feminization of the church, many men have realized that it is time to be men again in their homes and in society. This is a good realization!

However, it seems that men have been denied the right to be men for so long, that many of them have forgotten (or was never taught) what real men were supposed to be like!

What is the end result? Men, acting like teenage boys, thinking that an external display of testosterone, attempting to outdo other teenage boys, is what men are supposed to be like!

The problem with this scenario is that real men do not have a need to outdo other men! Is it necessary to go into dark forests on hunting trips to prove that we are men? Do we have to participate in dangerous or not so dangerous sports to prove anything? Do we as men have to sit glued to the TV every time there is sport on the telly?

To me, this seems to be how adolescents would act and not men. Being male does not make you a man!

Carrying a weapon, shooting an indefensible animal, does not make you a man! (I have no qualms with hunting per se). Beating yourself on the chest like a gorilla does not make you a man.

I do not see the Bible giving us examples of chest beating as proof of being men! It was not part of who Jesus was, or the apostle Paul!

Dr. Mohler wrote:
"Christian manhood is not about beating chests and celebrating testosterone -- it is about showing up and doing what real Christian men do. Real manhood is demonstrated in the fulfillment of a man's assigned roles as husband, father, leader, servant, teacher, protector, and provider. Real manhood is in doing what men do, not endless talk about how great it is to be a man. Real Christian manhood is evident in taking up leadership in the home and in the church, not in crude and facile talk about Jesus using profanity when he called Herod 'that fox.'

"In other words, real Christian men are those who have grown up to be men, not those who embarrass the church and confuse the Gospel with displays of adolescent misbehavior. Let's hope this movement grows up before it blows up."

In this modern era, boys are not required to grow up. They can continue to live in their MTV world where there is no need to become responsible or accountable. Virtues needed to ensure a healthy neighbourhood!

Instead, men today see no need to grow up, because they have all these wonderful toys that can keep them busy and entertained for many years. They remain in their adolescent stage and later think that that is the real "men" stage. They have no way of discerning the difference, since all they know is the adolescent stage.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Men or boys who should have grown up don't regardless of church. Your clearly an idiot...and I bet you will say that men that do not grow up who aren't in a church are not blessed therefore cannot grow up-your an idiot.

William Dicks said...


The point you are trying to make escapes me.

Have you even read my post or did you grab the air?

The point of the post has nothing to with church or not church.

The point is very clear that in modern life men do not grow up, and that it has spilled over to the church.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Mr. A has clearly made his point...he's missed yours. (:'s a link to comments by John Piper that express much the same sentiment as your post:

Peace -

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