Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The ESV Literary Study Bible

See samples of The Literary Study Bible. Having posted on the Archaeological Study Bible earlier today, I discovered that the ESV will soon be available as The ESV Literary Study Bible! Here is a short blurb on this new study Bible:

"The ESV Literary Study Bible approaches the Bible as literature and shows how the application of literary tools of analysis helps tremendously in reading and understanding the Bible. Readers are introduced to the literary features of each book of the Bible and to each section within each book.

"While traditional Bibles are reference books, this is truly a reader’s Bible. The format (single-column, black-letter, 8.5-point text, no section headings) and commentary make it ideal for private devotional
reading, for preachers and Bible teachers, and for use in group Bible

This looks like a study Bible worth purchasing! I had a look at the sample that is available (click on the image above to download the PDF sample) and it looks much different than the usual study Bible.

Many readers of the Bible are completely stumped while reading their Bibles at times, simply because they do not recognize the different genres that the Bible was written in. This study Bible will definitely help in diminishing that confusion!

It should be available Sep 2007!

HT: Justin Taylor.

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