Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Illegitimate Totality Transfer

At Theological Word of the Day, they have a phrase called Illegitimate Totality Transfer.

The meaning is given as:
"In biblical interpretation, this refers to the illegitimate transfer of a word’s total possible meaning, with all its variations and nuances, and forcing them all into a particular context. For example, if one were to do a word study on the Greek word phile, one would find that it could mean “affection, friendship, love, or kiss.” The context must decide. The illegitimate totality transfer occurs when one forces all of these meanings into one passage, without consideration of which nuance best fits the context. This is a common interpretive fallacy."

This even appears in Bible translations. A specific translation comes to mind... the Amplified Bible. I have another name for it... the Multiple Choice Bible.

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Life Theory said...

Is the Amplified Bible guilty of illegitimate totality transfer? I have compiled dozens of explanations of this exegetical fallacy, comparing translations of well over 50 Bible verses, in a 108-page document called "Context is for Kings":

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