Thursday, September 29, 2005

A cute little blog poem

I came across this cute little poem by The Reluctant Puritan about the blogosphere and its influence and it mentions quite a few bloggers.
I just wonder how he missed my blog?
A bit on the side, have any of you visited PyroManiac lately? He has the most interesting comic book art on his blog. He obviously is very artistic and creative with much too much time on his hands to think up ideas for his comic book front pages! I must say, he has a very sharp witty style. So, please visit his blog. If you don't feel conviction over there you would at least be entertained!
Just thinking...


Kevin Jones said...

William, we'll try to work you in next time. By the way, I love South Africa. I plan to be in Cape Town for business in late November.

William Dicks said...

I am glad you love South Africa. It is a beautiful country. Just not as big as the USA. My wife has two aunts and a host of cousins down in Cape Town. We live in the capital, Pretoria, about 1600Km (1000mi) north of Cape Town.

You're most welcome in South Africa and I hope you enjoy your visit here!

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