Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dave Hunt's anti-Calvinistic vitriolic outbursts

In the September 2005 edition of Dave Hunt's newsletter called The Berean Call, Dave Hunt once again takes Calvinism to task about its so-called delusions.

Sure, there are some teachings in the traditionally Reformed doctrines that are at odds with the Bible, but Dave Hunt must ask himself if the same could not be said about Arminianism? It amazes me that he seems to think that Arminianism is the be-all and end-all. Is it not Arminianism that brought the Roman Catholic church down to the depths of hell, leading to the Reformation? Is it not also Arminianism that led to the malicious doctrines of the Word-of-Faith movement with such false teachers as Kenneth Copeland, Charles Capps and Benny Hinn?

The problem with Hunt is that it seems that he has no real answers against Calvinism! So far, every time I have read anything by Hunt on Calvinism it seems like a stuck record on a turn table. He just simply regurgitates the same stuff over and over again. James White from Alpha and Omega ministries has repeatedly communicated with Dave Hunt concerning Hunt's erroneous understanding of Calvinism and his lack of Biblical exegesis.

Dave Hunt, in my mind at least, is like someone who claims that the moon is blue when it clearly isn't! Many have written to Dave Hunt about his incendiary outbursts against Calvinists in order to show him the light. However, no man is as blind as those who refuse to see!

According to Hunt, Calvinists who have been Calvinists all their lives are not saved (p4). Those who were Arminians before becoming Calvinists are lucky enough to be saved! (p4) Thanks Your Highness Mr. Hunt for half the thumbs up! It seems that Arminianism saves!

Anyone who has read The Potter's Freedom and Debating Calvinism with any modicum of an open mind would clearly see how different the scholarly approaches are between James White and Hunt. By the way, James White is a Calvinist. At every turn White displays his scholarly approach with in-depth exegesis, while in Debating Calvinism--the written debate between White and Hunt--Hunt simply recites his flash cards over and over again. He still hasn't changed his flash cards since he still uses the same ol', same ol'. "A continual dripping on a rainy day and a quarrelsome wife are alike." (Pr 27:15 ESV) Hunt's incessant repetitiveness with no real in-depth exegesis is just like this irritating dripping tap that just doesn't want to stop.

With the tiniest amount of effort using a web search engine such as Google, one can find great exegetical works that show how erroneous our esteemed Mr. Hunt is!

Just thinking...

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Anonymous said...

Your thoughts regarding Dave Hunt's attacks on Calvinism are similar to mine. Part of the problem, I think, is that Mr. Hunt has invested so much effort in his previous writings that to change his theology now would create a financial crisis. If he were to admit error in his theology, he would have to jettison all the work he has done in the past. This is a good of cognitive dissonance in spades. It is easier for Hunt to lambaste Calvinism than it would be for him to disown his previous writings....

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