Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hopefully this is my last day in Guinea, Africa.
When we arrived here two days ago, I was shocked at what I saw here! Driving out of the airport we immediately drove onto a dirt road. I don't know how far we drove to get to our hotel (it literally felt like forever), but in all that time we never passed a structure (living or otherwise) that would have been acceptable back in South Africa.
With all the natural resources (like gold and diamonds) one would think that this country must be rich. However, I have never seen such poverty anywhere. Not even in South Africa. In SA there might be lot of tin schacks, but the average level of subsistence here seems to be extremely low.
Here they even do there garbage dumping by the truck load into the sea. As we were driving next to the coastline, we saw them dumping into the sea and the garbage patches on the sea looked reminiscent of oil slicks. Just this time the patches were paper, plastic, cans and other items.
We are indeed privileged.
Just thinking...


Jonathan Moorhead said...

Note to self: don't go swimming by Guinea.

Matt Gumm said...

Would be interested to hear more about your trip, if that's possible.

Thanks for the reminder.

William Dicks said...

Matt, I added another post that you could go read.

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