Monday, April 10, 2006

How to deal with the Da Vinci Code movie

Justin Taylor has an interesting email on his blog that was received by Brian Godawa, author of Hollywood Worldviews. This email came from an unnamed Hollywood screenwriter (UHS).
After the 3 usual responses to objectionable movies, UHS suggests a 4th response. Here it is:

On May 19th, you should go to the movies. Just go to another movie.

Save the date now. May 19th, or May 20th. No later than Sunday, May 21st -- that's the day the ballot box closes. You'll get a vote, the only vote Hollywood recognizes: The power of cold hard cash laid down on a box office window on opening weekend.

Use your vote. Don't throw it away. Vote for a movie other than DVC. If enough people do it, the powers that be will notice. They won't have a choice.

The major studio movie scheduled for release against DVC is the DreamWorks animated feature Over the Hedge. The trailers look fun, and you can take your kids. And your friends. And their friends. In fact, let's all go see it.

Let's rock the box office in a way no one expects -- without protests, without boycotts, without arguments, without rancor. Let's show up at the box office ballot box and cast our votes. And buy some popcorn, too.

May 19th. Mark your calendars now: Over the Hedge's opening weekend. Buy a ticket.

And spread the word. Forward this e-mail to all the Christians in your address book. Post it on your blogs. Talk about it to your churches. And let's all go to the movies.

It is perhaps a good idea to copy this email from Justin's blog and to email it to all your friends. If you wanted to see the Da Vinci Code, just don't see it over the opening weekend. Use your money to vote for another movie.
Just thinking...

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