Monday, February 26, 2007

CashFlow Dollar

If you are a fan of CashFlow Dollar (Creflo Dollar), then you need to visit the archive on him at Pulpit Pimps!

If this page does not make you sit up and listen, and cringe, to what this man is teaching, then I am afraid, your understanding of Christian theology leaves much to be desired.

HT: Pulpit Pimps

For more on heretical teachers at Pulpit Pimps, follow the following links:
Benny Hinn
Kenneth Copeland
T.D. Jakes

Also read my series called Heresies in the church to read more about the Word-of-Faith/Prosperity heresy.


Tamara said...

You need to repair your links....yes I agree, in is in-sincere Christianity.

If we can get past not reaching out with a club...but reaching out with sincere hand of direction...

Good luck!

William Dicks said...

Thanks for the comment Tamara! I fixed the links. Pulpit-Pimps changed the format of their links.

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