Monday, February 26, 2007

Do you know Greek?

Dan Phillips, from PyroManiacs and Biblical Christianity fame, has started a blog called Hellenisti ginoskeis: do you know Greek?

Just one quotation from his new blog:
"I am only writing this for people who can read Greek, whether pastors or not. That doesn't at all mean that non-Greekers are unwelcome! It just means I'll be aiming at those who already know (or are starting to know, or re-commencing to know) Greek. So I really won't be explaining it for those who don't.

"Being a pastor at heart (though not by employment, at the moment), I am likely to slant what I write towards preaching, teaching, communicating. But if you are learning the Greek New Testament, wherever you are in your studies, you will find something of profit in at least some of the posts to come.

"And just pardon one more word. There is no substitute for learning Greek. Interlinears, commentaries, concordances—none of these things teach you the Greek New Testament any more than looking up a few words in Webster's means that you understand any given English sentence."

So, if you are busy studying Greek, or you know it already, read this blog to enhance your understanding of the NT. Then, of course, if you are interested in starting to learn NT Greek, also fall in with Dan. It will enrich your life.

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