Monday, September 15, 2008

Ray Boltz reveals he is gay!

An article on 12 September in the Washington Blade, an LGBT newspaper, revealed that Ray Boltz, singer of Christian hits such as 'Thank you,' 'Watch the Lamb' and many more is gay. Boltz's divorce from his wife was finalised earlier this year.

Boltz, in the article said that he does not "want to be a poster boy for gay Christians." I have one question on that statement. Would we ever talk of being poster boys for fornicating Christians, or perhaps for adulterous Christians?

Go figure!

HT: Justin Taylor

Tim Challies has written a very good short commentary on this issue. He writes:
"There are essentially two ways that humans can understand the world. The first way is the way we all understand the world until the Holy Spirit intervenes in our lives and gives us new eyes to see. This worldview is I-centered. I am the center of my own universe and the arbiter of all truth. I may not vocalize things in just this way and may not even think them quite like this, but it is ultimately what I believe. I believe that I am capable of looking at the world and understanding the way it works—who God is, who I am, the relationship between us, and so on.

"The other way of seeing the world is God-centered. Here I acknowledge God as the center of all that exists and the arbiter of all truth. Everything that is true and everything that is knowable has its source in Him. Thus I can only interpret the world properly by rightly acknowledging God. This is, obviously, the biblical worldview. It is God who tells me who He is, God who tells me who I am and God who declares the terms of the relationship between us."

Read more about what Tim wrote here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's gay. Don't you feel a little stupid with your breathless "He's gay!" hysteria? Are you like 12 years old?

William Dicks said...

Interesting that you would use the words 'hysteria' and 'breathless!'

'12 years old?'

No, my child. Just a sinner saved by grace!

Jon-Marc McDonald said...

Thank you, Ray, for living in the truth. There are many lives that will be changed!

William Dicks said...


What would that truth be? And how will their lives be changed?

I would posit that the truth you speak of here is totally void of Scriptural truth, and that the changed lives will not be for the good, but to accept the lie of the homosexual lifestyle. Am I correct?

Anonymous said...

Good call on the 'poster boy' comment.

I thought, if you don't want to be a poster boy, then why give an interview about it?

How did this rag that calls itself a newspaper get the hot tip that Ray Boltz was gay?

I'm sure they didn't get a 'hot tip' about it and pursue the story. I'm sure he came to them with it.

If you don't want to be the poster boy, then why make so much noise about it?

Anyway, glad someone has the stones to stand up about it and call it what it is, even if 'a guy married to a guy' doesn't like it.

I'm not sure what lack of scriptural evidence 'a guy married to a guy' is talking about though, maybe we are reading different Bibles, I dont read the LGTB Version or the version of the week.

While God made me what I am, I have had sinful desires presented to me that I have turned down. Because I was tempted to try drugs, does that mean that I was intended by God to be a drug addict? Should I just give in to sin?

Anyway, sorry for ranting away in your blog comments.

William Dicks said...

Actually, the Washington Blade is an LGBT paper, and I am sure they got hold of the story from Boltz's performances at gay churches.

Anyhow, thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad news, I am sure more gays will feel confident to talk out. It just feel like betrayal or one big lie.

Bailee Graves said...

I'm way behind in the game here but I only just heard the news that Ray Boltz is gay.

I could be wrong in my thinking and I know that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is an abomination but does it not also teach that in God's eyes all sin is sin? Not any one is greater than another? That if you have lusted in your heart you have committed adultery? Who of us is without sin?

With the exception of denying Christ, I don't believe the Bible teaches of any sin that will keep you or I or Ray Boltz, as professing Christians, from eternity with Christ.

It is all level at the foot of the cross my friends. That's why Jesus died for us!

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