Friday, November 28, 2008

NCT Friday: Introduction

Since I believe in the system called New Covenant Theology (as opposed to Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism), I have thought that it would be good to make something related to New Covenant Theology (NCT) available every Friday.

Today, as the first offering, I would like to point you to a short article which defines NCT.

"New Covenant Theology (NCT) describes how the unfolding plan of salvation in Scripture is to be understood. It focuses on the relationship between the Old and New Covenants. It views the nation of Israel as a picture of the people of God but not the believing people of God. It understands the Mosaic Covenant to be a legal covenant that demands perfect obedience in order to receive the promised blessings. It views the Ten Commandments as the essence of the Mosaic law and not the essence of all of God’s law. It views the New Covenant as a new and better covenant that replaces the Old Covenant. New Covenant Theology differs from both Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism."

To learn more, visit the links on the page edited by David White called NCT - Useful Free PDF's and Web Resources. What I am posting here is David's updated page from Facebook. The first edition can be found here. I had to remove the previous link to Geoff Volker and Mike Adams' article "Defining New Covenant Theology," since it is no longer available. If you know where I can get hold of that article, please let me know!

If you really want to learn about New Covenant Theology without becoming contentious, there are 2 very good NCT Facebook groups to join: New Covenant Grace, and Discover New Covenant Theology.

Next, NCT Friday: Common FAQ.


MoeB said...

Dear William,

It's good to see you are still alive and well.

Moe Bergeron

Joseph G. Krygier said...

Keep it going and don't be shy with SOG.
Joseph Krygier

William Dicks said...

Hi Moe,

Yea! I am still around. I still frequent the usual NCT websites.


Thanks for the encouragement!

Geoff Volker said...

I am glad that our stuff on NCT has been helpful to you. Keep up the good work. Geoff Volker IDS

William Dicks said...

Thanks Geoff!

Michael W. Adams said...


Thanks for looking me up on Facebook. Feel free to use any of my stuff at any time. You can find the most recent papers (and blogs) on my blog site at It's all still linked from IDS as well

Take Care,

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