Friday, February 06, 2009

NCT Friday: New Covenant Theology websites

For several Fridays now (except last Friday), we have been looking at some of the key doctrinal areas of New Covenant Theology.

Well, today I am giving you links to some NCT websites:
Sound of Grace
Solo Christo
In-Depth Studies
Biblical Studies
Moe Bergeron
New Covenant Theology
Jesus Said Follow Me
A Tale of Two Kingdoms
New Covenant Journal
Moses Wrote About Me now redirects to The Gospel in Real Life.
Sovereign Grace Fellowship
New Covenant Baptist Fellowship
Clearcreek Chapel

The following is a list of feeds by New Covenant Theology blogs and websites:

If you have any other NCT websites that I haven’t listed here, please let me know!

First NCT Friday.
Next, NCT Friday: Debating New Covenant Theology.
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