Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christians and their holy huddles!

Why is it that Christians love their holy huddles. Some never step outside of their huddles unless they absolutely have to!

This happens even on the internet. First, their was Facebook. Then came the Christian huddle, Faithbook. There was also YouTube, which was followed by GodTube, later renamed to Tangle! Then there was Twitter, which was recently followed by another holy huddle, Christian Chirp. What a corny name!

Jesus said we are "in the world" not "of the world." He did not say that we are not "of the world" and therefore we must make sure to stay away from the world.

I understand that Christians need to interact socially, but when they do it so obviously to cut the world out of that interaction, one would almost wonder if they do not want to spread the gospel at all.

I will probably get flack for this post, but come on, are we really such softies?

Christians have something to say to the world; yet, when we escape to these holy huddles, the world will not hear us!

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