Friday, November 27, 2009

Purveyors of the "new" gospel shun the old gospel

kevindeyoung Many times when we listen to what is being preached in churches today, one wonders which Bible Lite they are reading. It just seems that they cut out so much from the Bible that they end up preaching very little of the gospel. They, in fact, preach the "new" gospel! They have emasculated the gospel so much simply to make it less offensive to a world that has gone bonkers with being offended! What is the net effect of this? They are filling their churches with pagans that think they are saved/Christians/going to heaven!

Kevin DeYoung wrote an interesting short analysis (The Gospel Old and New) of this "new" gospel. He spells out this new gospel:

  1. It starts with an apology;
  2. God is seen as only love, like a fictional Santa. Oh, yes! Santa is fictional!
  3. An invitation to join God on His earthly mission;
  4. Eternity simply does not seem all that important.

Kevin gives a couple reason why this "new"  half-baked gospel is so hot:

  1. It is partially true;
  2. It deals with straw men, e.g. street preachers, crusades;
  3. It leads people to believe wrong things;
  4. It is manageable;
  5. It is inspirational;
  6. It is inoffensive.

Read Kevin's blog post to see the detail. It is a sad indictment of the modern church.

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