Wednesday, April 14, 2010

John Piper and the Rick Warren invitation

Rick Warren
It is amazing, no, sickening, how so many Christians can turn on one another based on one single piece of evidence. These people are as fickle as sports lovers.

John Piper invited Rick Warren, who has proven himself to be a bit of a chameleon when it comes to religion. He literally is all things to all people. When he is with Muslims or Jews he keeps his Christianity very private. He changes his message depending on who he is with.

I do not agree with John Piper for inviting Warren to the national Desiring God conference for 2010. However, does that mean I must now lump Piper with the rest of the heretics like these intrepid finger pointers do? I do not think that Warren is a true heretic either! He is terribly misguided and does not stand up for the gospel clearly in all situations, but that does not make him a heretic. It makes him weak!

There are some people that simply do not show discernment, and those that have dumped Piper because of one invitation to Warren, have lumped themselves into the miscernment group!

Piper has always been completely solid on the gospel and has never been the prevaricating type. I have listened to at least one complete sermon series by Piper (Romans), have listened to many individual sermons by him and have read several of his books. There is just no way he can be lumped with heretics or any other funny group. He is solid in his theology and on fire with passion for the glory of God.

I personally think that some Christians have lost their marbles in the way that they have treated and written about John Piper's decision to invite Rick Warren.

What shocks me about this is that some of those that have criticized John Piper speak of the "grace" of God and some even have the word "grace" in their ministry names, yet have no readiness in showing any of the grace that God so freely poured on them.

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