Friday, April 16, 2010

Wazzat! - 2010/04/16

  • Historical profiles of Christian apologists
  • Douglas Groothuis apologetics course audio feed
  • Phil Johnson "On the Piper-Warren Connection."
  • Islam poised to take the West without firing a shot!
  • So, you think Bono is a Christian?
  • Very "old" wasps were no different from ours!
  • These are the people that attend America's megachurches
  • Do you have a blog and it is killing you to keep it going? Find out how to keep it going without killing you!
  • Find out if you are a legalist
  • God and Politics? There are differing views
Just ask the nearest Jihadist for the scissors in his shoe!

  • Julius Malema shows that he can't even be compared to Balaam's ass!
  • Start tweeting today peeps, you could become part of history at the Library of Congress!
I am sorry Wazzat! is so short today!

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