Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ake Green acquitted by Sedish Court

Good news is that Ake Green from Sweden had been acquitted in a 5-0 decision by the Swedish Supreme Court of hate speech against homosexuals.
Green preached a sermon in which he proclaimed the Biblical viewpoint concerning homosexuality. Ake Green concluded his message on that day like this:
"We must never think that some people, because of their sinful lives, would end up outside of grace. Paul says about himself that he was the foremost of all sinners, but he encountered an abundance of grace and mercy. He also states in First Corinthians 6:9-11, when he lists sexual immorality with other sins, that you can be saved from all the listed sins, including sexual immorality. What these people need, who live under the slavery of sexual immorality, is an abundant grace. It exists. It is valid also for them. Therefore we will encourage those who live in this manner to look at the grace of Jesus Christ. We cannot condemn these people -- Jesus never did that either. He showed everyone He met deep respect for the person they were, for instance the adulterous woman, in John 8, or the woman at the well in Sychar, according to John 4. Jesus never belittled anyone. He offered them grace. We must never belittle anyone who lives in sin."
Read the full English translation of the sermon script here.
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