Monday, November 14, 2005

Prophets? Where?

It seems that the issue concerning cessationism vs. continuationism of the gifts of the Spirit is really heating up at PyroManiac, since many people have misread what he has said so far concerning modern prophets and their false prophecies (see the comments to his recent posts on this issue). So far he has done a short series on false prophets, and many (it seems mostly the charismatics) have already either condemned him for being a cessationist or for some other reason.
To put the record straight: I am--for a better word--a continuationist. I believe that the gifts do continue today. However, before any cessationists blast me for saying that, they need to read my recent posts called Hearing God and Moving in the Prophetic: A critique and Personal Prophecies: A means by which we can fight the good fight?
I am not the usual continuationist. Although I believe that the gifts continue today, I am yet to meet a real life modern day prophet! The Old Testament makes it clear that a prophet must be 100% accurate and that he must not lead people away from the Lord. I know of no 100% accurate prophet, hence there are none today. I also do not believe that there are apostles today!
Then, much of what is called the gifts of the Spirit in action today seems to me to be the gifts of presumption and Christian crystal ball gazing! Also, much of what is called the gifts are conjured up through hype. Where I see the gifts as sovereignly orchestrated by God Himself, many charismatics "practise" the gifts to have them perfected! "Practising" the gifts? You read correctly! There are charismatic churches where they "practise" the gifts of prophecy and words of wisdom in order to get to learn to hear God's voice. Is that weird or what?
I do agree that it would probably be very difficult to find a church where these gifts are genuinely in use by the providential sovereignty of God!
On the other hand, I have learnt a lot from our cessationist brothers. John MacArthur, for instance, has written some invaluable books that cannot be put aside just because he is a cessationist!
Just thinking...

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