Friday, November 18, 2005

Proud dad!

Two nights ago we attended my daughter's annual awards evening for her phase in school.
Before we left for the event, my wife clearly spelt out to my daughter that we love her no matter what. We do not love her because of awards she may or may not get and that no matter what, she will still be our daughter and we will always love her. My wife was trying to prepare our daughter for an evening in which we really thought that she would not get any awards.
Well, the evening progressed and the first awards (Merit Award for Academics) handed out for each class in the phase (senior phase for primary school - grades 4 - 6) were for those kids that received an average of 75% or higher in their academics for the year. We were not that surprised when Nicole received this award since we thought that she would at least fall into this group.
When all the grades were done with the Merit Award for Academics, it was anounced that the next awards were what the evening was really about since these were the top awards to be handed out. It was the Order of Merit Award for Academics. This is handed out to the top three students in each class. The top three were called in the first class and we all applauded enthusiastically! They called them out with the third student in order of merit first. Next came my daughter's class.
"Third in order of merit is... Nicole Dicks!" I almost fell off my chair! The parents sitting around us laughed at me and my wife that we were so surprised! We didn't expect this, so our camera was not even ready. We ended not getting a picture of the principle handing out the certificate to her. My daughter's best friend was first in their class.
The reason why we were so surprised is that at the end of the third school term a list was released via the school newsletter of the top three students in each class. Our daughter was not on that list! She must have worked really hard this last term and overtook the person that was third after the third term!
All I know is that my wife worked really hard with my daughter in this last term, especially on my daughter's assignments to make sure that Nicole knew exactly what was expected of her. My wife also helped Nicole to study and to memorize important facts. I on the other hand, helped Nicole with maths, science and history.
So, all in all, Nicole did it! She made her parents proud!
She accomplished something that I never accomplished at school! To me school existed so that I could participate in sport.
Congratulations, Nicole! You certainly accomplished more than your daddy ever did!
Just thinking...

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Kevin Jones said...

What a wonderful story. I never stop to be amazed at how much my children learn and know.

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