Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"Cultured" riots

The French, long seen as a very cultured lot now has to deal with a very uncultured bunch of "youths"--the politically correct term being used in the media for a bunch of Muslim thugs. There, I said it! These "youths" are not youths as we understand the term when spoken of within the context of a specific country! When I speak of youths in my country, I understand the term to mean young genuine South Africans.

When the media speak of the rioting "youths" in France and elsewhere in Europe, they do not mean "European youths!" They do not mean Pierre, Jacques or Klaus! They are using the term as a euphemism for Muslim thugs! This way they hide the truth from the world by making the world think that these are simply angry "youths" who cannot find jobs. However, this is not the truth! The fact of the matter is that these are people with an ideology that says the infidel must die while these "youths" are attempting a revolution!

Al Mohler has written a very insightful piece on this matter called Civilization Under Siege--The Riots in Paris. It is definitely worth reading it.

Just thinking...

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