Thursday, November 17, 2005

MacArthur on church growth

Here is an excellent quote from John MacArthur in the church growth debate.
"Perhaps the dominant myth in the evangelical church today is that the success of Christianity depends on how popular it is, and that the kingdom of God and the glory of Christ somehow advance on the back of public favor."
-- John MacArthur,
Hard to believe,
Thomas Nelson Publishers,
Nashville, TN,
Just thinking...

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Montreal, Canada.
My name is Wren and I just happened upon your blog today.
I have a family friendly discussion forum, and am trying to get discussion on various sects...or just plain old christian discussion! There is a christian section which already has a couple of threads (sects) in progress. Please feel free to join in the discussion or, if you don't see your church mentioned in any of the topic titles in that section, please feel free to create your own new topic for it.
Registration is free and the forum rules are posted at the top of the various sections.
It would be an honor to have you post there...that is if you wish to, of course.
Have a wonder filled day!

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