Friday, November 11, 2005

Should we shoot rioters on sight?

Before I read the article I am pointing you to today, I thought that shooting rioters on sight would not be the democratic way of the west. After I read the article I now agree with its premise.

As riots spread throughout France like wildfires left unattended by those afraid to use water, a sane person has to be struck by the impotence of modern Western governments. Whether it's Moslem enclaves in France, New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, or South Central Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict, it seems that the new paradigm involves letting wicked flames burn themselves out, only doused at times by the innocent blood of victims who, in a most shameful abdication of governmental duty, are left to twist in the wind by the Neros who masquerade as statesmen.
As to the unrest in France, I have read headlines stating that the authorities "can't" stop the violence. "Can't" is an interesting choice of a word. A better one would be "won't." Because, I assure you, I could have stopped the riots on the first day.
The solution: shoot rioters on sight. [Continue reading SHOOT RIOTERS ON SIGHT.]

What do you think?
Just thinking...

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