Friday, January 09, 2009

NCT Friday: What of Sabbath observance?

One of the big issues that others, especially Covenant Theologians, have with New Covenant Theology is NCT's stance concerning the Sabbath. Covenant Theology says that we are still to observe the Sabbath, just not on the Sabbath (Saturday), but on Sunday (the Lord's Day).

Also, because NCT believes that New Covenant believers do not have to observe the Sabbath, Covenant Theologians claim that adherents of NCT are antinomians (anti-law).

To find out what NCT believes on the issue, visit the following pages:
The New Covenant and the Observance of Days
John Bunyan on the Sabbath
The Sabbath: Celebrating Christ in the New Covenant
Sabbath Timeline
Jesus & the Sabbath
The Believer´s Sabbath

First NCT Friday.
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