Friday, March 19, 2010

Wazzat! - 2010-03-19

Today's Evanjellycal church-goer

Feeling a bit random today? Click on the image of the die!

  • Do you take your idols with you to church on a Sunday?
  • Covenant of Works with Adam? Nope!
  • South African butchers!
  • The ANC and that man Malema!
  • Is a hanging enough justice for this pig?

Finish the word: Wack_

Types of Government Explained

  • And so, Allah came to earth as a cat? Want proof? It is written all over him!
  • Challies says that we might as well make money from the books we review. Great idea!
  • Dennis Swanson also wrote about book reviews. Review his "how to" here!
  • Charismatics and their experiences. What should we think of them?
  • Biblical Christian Network will be hosting another worldview seminar!

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