Friday, March 26, 2010

Wazzat! - 2010-03-26

  • Wouldn't this make you really want to do it?
  • What was America's primary textbook in the early days of the Republic?
  • Democrat ¿ prolife¡ That sets the world on its head, doesn't it?
  • Voters are stupid enough to fail the do-over, again!
  • It isn't about me! Is it about you? Don't kid yourself!
  • Give 'O' peaches! Oh... that is impeach him!
  • A day of infamy, again!

  • So, science has the answers, hasn't it?
  • States fight back against Obama-like-hell-he-cares
  • This is the kind of feminist I can handle!
  • This is normal life in South Africa

"Barack Hussein Obama" means something!

  • No matter how clever, you can still be a social midget!
  • Free speech in Canada? And here. Only to a creaming, liberal mob of howligans!
  • Well done, Iceland!
  • "Stupid" is not what comes to mind!
  • Poacher gets "poached"!
  • Some pastors are just full of ... you know what I mean!

A new device for cat lovers

New meaning to "Post it!"

Two futures for publishing:
Which way will it go?

Speeding is never recommended!

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