Thursday, October 19, 2006

Calvinist Jihadists

Jim Bublitz wrote an article on the statement by Ergun Caner that Calvinists are "worse than Muslims."

Last week, a convert from Islam, now serving as the seminary President at Jerry Falwell's college, identified a group that he labeled as "worse than Muslims". Who are they? You might be surprised to find out that the Puritans were among them, so was the evangelist George Whitefield, and so was the hymn writer of Amazing Grace. Remember Matthew Henry whose bible commentaries are on most pastor's bookshelves? He's one of them too, as are numerous missionaries and martyrs in church history. If I were Jerry Falwell right about now, I'd be thinking that I have a loose cannon onboard the SS Liberty. This post takes a not-so-politically-correct look at the 'Jihad' that one man brought upon himself with his outrageous behavior.

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According to Ergun Caner, the greatest Calvinist Jihadist is probably James White.

HT: Ingrid Schleuter

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