Monday, October 23, 2006

Dawkins and The God Delusion Revisited

Dr. Al Mohler brings to our attention, a review of Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion, by the literary theorist Terry Eagleton.

Dr. Mohler writes:

"In essence, Eagleton accuses Dawkins of not knowing about which he is writing."
He then quotes Eagleton as follows:

"What, one wonders, are Dawkins's views on the epistemological differences between Aquinas and Duns Scotus? Has he read Eriugena on subjectivity, Rahner on grace or Moltmann on hope? Has he even heard of them? Or does he imagine like a bumptious young barrister that you can defeat the opposition while being complacently ignorant of its toughest case? Dawkins, it appears, has sometimes been told by theologians that he sets up straw men only to bowl them over, a charge he rebuts in this book; but if The God Delusion is anything to go by, they are absolutely right."

This blog post by Dr. Mohler is well worth reading and you can go here to read it further.

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