Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pyromaniacs a bunch of mean-spiritied bullies?

Oh, get over yourselves! The dissenters to Pyromaniacs, I mean!

I have been reading Pyromaniacs since the inception of the original blog of the original
Pyromaniac, Phil Johnson. And in my opinion, which counts more than anyone else's if you use post-modern logic, these guys are not mean-spirited at all. If you want to know anything about being mean-spirited and just being nasty, you should read the writings of guys like Jack Chick and the KJV-Only clan!

Phil Johnson, wrote a post called Bully Pulpit in which he brings these complaints to light.

Are the
Pyromaniacs innocent? Is any of us innocent? The point is that many Christians today have this odd idea that Christians should not disagree. What kind of weird Orwellian foolishness is this that we may not disagree with others. Iron sharpens iron! The fact is that within Christendom there are many different views, and not all of them can be right.

The problem arises when someone else thinks that you are wrong. In this case, these complainants think that the Pyromaniacs are wrong. Wrong in their doctrine, that is. The problem, and I am not sure that it is a real problem for the Pyromaniacs, is that they are very sure of themselves and when they write anything that "sureness" comes across. What I have noticed is that many of the post-modern kind, such as the emergent species simply do not like it when people are sure of what they believe and then are willing to stand for that belief!

To the unsure type, ala emergent type, this is akin to being mean-spirited. "How can you say I am wrong? Boo-hoo!" The problem with being sure of being unsure is that there is nothing to stand on and so the foundations are real shaky! When the foundations are shaky, the easiest thing to do is to start pointing the finger to someone else in order to prevent fingers from pointing to us! Of course, then the name-calling starts.

In all the time that I have read
Pyromaniacs, and the initial blog started by Phil, I have never found them to be rude or mean-spirited. Perhaps a bit too sarcastic at times, but then they made it clear that it was not to be rude, but to use the literary device of sarcasm to make a point!

I wonder what these complainants would say if they ever dare read the writings of the great men of faith like Athanasius, Augustine and Luther who had to battle serious error and heresy in their day. When it comes to the truth of the gospel, there simply is no time to waste on beating around the bush! Get to the
truth and get to it quickly! According to what I have read at Pyromaniacs I can with certainty say (Oh yes, I cannot be sure about that!) that these guys have gone about it with a good attitude. They have used serious tones and comical tones, yet they have made their point!

All the complainants can see is rudeness because they simply "can't handle the truth!"

What amazes me is that many of these guys and gals that complain so much fall headlong into the very same thing they complain about! They complain to others about being rude, yet they are rude while doing so. Others would complain vehemently about the mean-spiritedness of the
Pyromaniacs but then do so in a very mean-spirited way!

Pyromaniacs have something to say! Deal with it! Face their arguments concerning Scripture and other things and then be like the Bereans and search the Scriptures to see if these things are so.

In my opinion, the Pyromaniacs must keep on burning for the Lord!

Just thinking...

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Sharon said...

Amen and Amen!

Isn't it amazing that those who claim to be the most 'godly' are the ones who most viciously attack and impugn those who “speak the truth in love.”

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