Monday, October 09, 2006

Which Reformed Blog Are You?

Our brother Adrian Warnock created a quiz (see update at the bottom) in order for a Reformed blogger to discover what type of Reformed Blogger he is.

My top result for the selector,
Which Reformed Blog Are You?,
Miscellanies on the Gospel

Of the different blogs in the comparison, this is how my blogging is ranked among them.

#1 Miscellanies on the Gospel
#2 Worship Matters
#3 ESV Bible Blog
#4 The Blue Fish
#5 Al Mohler
#6 Together For the Gospel
#7 Adrian Warnock
#8 Girl Talk
#9 Between Two Worlds
#10 Tim Challies
#11 Frame-Poythress Blog
#12 Reformation Theology
#13 Jolly Blogger
#14 The Pyromaniacs

I don't know how Warnie came up with his criteria for grading blogs in his system, but I suppose it makes for a bit of fun.

On the other hand, the first blog I visit everyday is The Pyromaniacs, rated at the bottom of what my style is rated as.

I have never heard of Miscellanies of the Gospel until today. I guess I am going to have to read it to see why I was rated to be this type of Reformed blogger!

Which Reformed Blog Are You?

Just thinking...

Update - 10 October 2006: Our friend Warnie, from the Queen's country, informed me that he didn't write the quiz. Sorry, Adrian! I suppose I jumped to conclusions there. Well, at least I got some exercise from the jumping I did. Another blogger, Dave, from the bluefish project informed me that it was Paul Huxley - Rock Badger who created the quiz. Thanks, Dave!


Adrian Warnock said...

I DIDNT WRITE THE QUIZ - just linked it! fun tho, huh?

Unknown said...

The author was Paul Huxley, of Paul Huxley - Rock Badger

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