Monday, February 15, 2010

"The Making of an Atheist" Blog Book Tour is now underway!

As I announced in my previous post about "The Making of an Atheist" Blog Book Tour, Dr. Jim Spiegel has reached out to several bloggers to be part of his Blog Book Tour to promote his new book, The Making of an Atheist.

The tour has started and it will be very enlightening to read each review/interview. Here is the complete schedule:

Blog Name Blogger Date Post Content
EPS Blog Joe Gorra Feb 10-12 Interview
Cloud of Witnesses Chris Reese Feb 14-16 Interview Rich Park Feb 22-24 Review
Truthbomb Apologetics Chad Gross Feb 25-27 Review
Triablogue Peter Pike Mar 1-3 Review
Apologetics 315 Brian Auten Mar 4-6 Review & Interview
Mike Austin's blog Mike Austin Mar 8-10 Review
The Seventh Sola Joel Griffith Mar 11-13 Review
EPS Blog Steve Cowan Mar 15-17 Review
Evangel and Teampyro Frank Turk TBD Review & Interview
Doug Geivett's Blog Doug Geivett Mar 22-24 Interview & Giveaway
Say Hello to my Little Friend

Glenn Peoples

Mar 25-27 Review Jim Wallace Mar 29-31 Review
Just thinking... William Dicks Apr 1-3 Review & Interview
Oversight of Souls Ray van Neste Apr 5-7 Review
Constructive Curmudgeon Doug Groothuis Apr 8-10 Review
A-TeamBlog Roger Overton Apr 12-14 Review

Any changes to this schedule will be announced at Jim's blog.
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