Friday, February 05, 2010

Making of an Atheist Blog Book Tour

Jim Spiegel, Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Taylor University has written a new book, The Making of an Atheist. In order to promote his book he will be doing a blog book tour in which his book will be reviewed and/or he will be interviewed by several bloggers from around the internet. Jim is a blogger himself and will announce the full schedule from his own blog as to when reviews and/or interviews will appear in the blogosphere. I am privileged to be one of the bloggers asked by Jim to be part of the blog tour for his book.

A preliminary blog book tour schedule has been made available to the bloggers, but these dates cannot be released yet since the participating bloggers must still agree with the schedule. As soon as the dates have been finalized I will make them available from my blog.

The following table contain the list of bloggers that will participate:

Blog NameBlogger
Cloud of WitnessesChris Reese
Apologetics.comRich Park
Truthbomb ApologeticsChad Gross
TriabloguePeter Pike
Austin's blog
Mike Austin
The Seventh SolaJoel Griffith
EPS BlogSteve Cowan
Doug Geivett's BlogDoug Geivett
Apologetics 315Brian Auten
Just thinking...William Dicks
Oversight of SoulsRay van Neste
Constructive CurmudgeonDoug Groothuis
A-TeamBlogRoger Overton

The blog book tour will start somewhere mid-February.

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