Thursday, February 11, 2010

Misuse of words from the Bible

You have probably heard it before. God's power works like dynamite in and through us. Dynamite comes from the Greek word δυναμις, and so God's power is like dynamite.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but when the writers of the New Testament wrote the New testament, they never thought of dynamite. The stuff wasn't even around yet. You see, dynamite comes from the Greek δυναμις and not the other way round! So, by assigning the meaning of dynamite to the Greek δυναμις is giving the meaning of a derivative to the original. That is backward and leads to real bad theology and doctrine!

Bill Mounce deals with just this type of an issue in his blog post Are We God's Poem? Find out what he has to say about the Greek term related to work!

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