Thursday, February 11, 2010

The truth and life

I have heard so many times that Christians would say that theology or doctrine has nothing to do with how we live. When finer points of doctrine are highlighted they would simply say: "That's just semantics!" Somehow there has arisen some kind of disconnect between doctrine and the way we live our lives.

Martin Downes has written a thought provoking blog post that addresses exactly this issue.

"Now, in reality, there is no gulf between truth and life because they never can be, and never are, divorced. The question is not whether we are living in the light of doctrines, but what doctrines are we living in the light of? What view of God, what view of the world, ourselves, sin, redemption, grace, the last things, are we being shaped by even when we are talking about separation between doctrine and life?"

Read Martin's post called Walking in the truth.

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