Friday, October 21, 2005

The Bible being trivialized - continued

...continued from The Bible being trivialized.

I found this information at PyroManiac upon his return to his blog.

When I last wrote about the trivializing of the Bible I thought I had seen it all. It seems like Thomas Nelson Publishers have really gone nuts! Doesn't it strike you odd that the next picture of the cover of their newest addition to their teen-mag-Bible type New Testaments is aligned to cater to the basest natures of worldly men?

Nelson mocks the Bible!

Nelson has lost its sense of modesty in a modern world that is always tugging at the most scandalous nature of mankind. "Sexcess!" "Success with the opposite sex!" This is like reading the cover of one of those female magazines such as Cosmopolitan. I think there is something like CosmoGirl. Maybe there is something like CosmoMan. Even if not, this is what I would imagine the cover would be like. At least the "Sexcess" part!

If we try to sell the Bible to people, do we have to become the world to draw the world? Sorry, Nelson, we are in the world but not of the world. It is time for Thomas Nelson Publishers to clean up their act or perhaps we should simply boycott their books! Perhaps if they feel it in their bank balance then they will stop this drivel!

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