Thursday, October 27, 2005

South Africa and Communism

Communism has long been shown as a dead dog! It is a system that goes against human dignity in that it does not see people as individuals created by God as individuals. All that Communism sees are a bunch of workers/revolutionaries that can forward its own deceptive and underhanded purposes, or the opposite bunch that must be conquered and subjected to the same deceptive and underhanded purposes.
It seems to me that the communistic ideals of the ANC here in South Africa are starting to rear its ugly head more and more. Of all places, it is showing itself in what must be the most vulnerable division of government... public schools. In a news article called Mpuma shames 'dunce' schools, education MEC for Mpumalanga Siphosezwe Masango voiced his opinion about what he sees as proper education in South Africa.
He is reported as urging teachers "to indoctrinate pupils with 'revolutionary' zeal and Africanist political ideology." In his own words:
"This has to happen because South Africa must produce a truly patriotic intelligentsia that is an unapologetic disciple of the African Renaissance and the New Partnership for Africa's Development... Our education [system] must therefore deliver [pupils] that (sic) cadres who are moulded and baptised in our revolutionary ideas."
If teachers embrace the idea of politically indoctrinating pupils, Masango would view them as "progressive" patriots.
For those who are so enamoured with the ANC as the rulers of South Africa, this is typical communistic, revolutionary speech! I have never fallen for the idea that the ANC is non-Communistic and that they really have the best for this country in mind. Communism does not think in terms of what is best for the people of a country. It is what is best for those in power.
Communism believes in revolution, not in profitable and beneficial change to the people. In communistic revolution, the attempt is to break down in some form or another to make the playing fields even. Make everyone poor, or make everyone stupid! Once they have accomplished this they can start producing non-thinking clones earmarked for what can be called modern "slavery." In this way the masses can be controlled because they have been indoctrinated from young to only think and act based on the government's mould of revolutionary ideas. Free speech will then be seen as a crime against the revolution and will be harshly dealt with. On the other hand, free speech will still be enshrined in the constitution; however, this free speech will come from indoctrinated drones!
An education system that does not purposefully strive for students to become thinkers in their own rights, is no education system at all. In this case Masango should be called the MEC for Indoctrination. It will NOT be education! True advancement in education can only come when the students are taught to think for themselves. If all are indoctrinated to think the same, there will be zero growth in academics. South Africa will then lag even further behind the rest of the world than they already are.
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