Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Land Expropriation in South Africa - Part 2

Back on September 23, 2005 I posted about Land Expropriation in South Africa.

The sequel of the events mentioned in the original post has now unfolded with the South African government serving its first official notice of expropriation on a farmer who rejected the government's purchase offer. I love how the "politically correct," in this case the government, can play around with words. There are euphemisms for everything. When it comes to governmental political speech, very little ever really means what it says. Case in point, the word "expropriation" means the same here as it does in Zimbabwe... stealing!

It amazes me that the government can steal property from one person because another person claims that that same property was taken from them! Should we tell the Americans in the USA that they need to leave that country because somewhere in the past they took that land from the American Indians? Or should we, heaven forbid, inform the Zulus in KwaZulu-Natal (South African province) that their land is being "expropriated" because they took that land from a tribe that lived there before them? Or, the greatest political gaffe, should we inform the Palestinians that their land is being "expropriated" because they took that land from the Israelites centuries ago? Wait a minute! Didn't the Israelites just recently lose their land to the Palestinians, again?!

If we carry on like this, we will all have to give up our land and hand it back to... Adam?

This land robbery by legal edict is nothing but reprehensible!

It seems like the government thinks that life is just a simple mathematical formula of a negative can right a negative i.e. -1 X -1 = +1. One thing the South African government, and for that matter Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe, must realize is that mathematics has no ethical foundation to build upon. 1 + 1 = 2 is as morally neutral as 1 + 1 = 3.

Justice, is not taking away from those that have and giving to those who don't have. That, in simple terms, is the big 'C!' No, not cancer... Communism!

It is time that the government realizes that if they want real reconciliation, then justice must cut both ways! "Expropriation" simply doesn't cut it at all! As much as they think that white people have oppressed blacks in the past, justice is not served by black people oppressing whites.

Oppression is a vicious circle that must be broken! All through the centuries, the oppressed have almost always become the oppressor! Look how over the centuries the Jews were oppressed. See what they have done to the Palestinians! The British oppressed the Afrikaner here in South Africa. Then the Afrikaner did the same to the blacks. Now, it seems to me that the cycle is starting up again. Will this cycle of oppression stop before it really picks up steam?

Only the future will tell!

Just thinking...

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