Friday, October 28, 2005

"Evolving" bird flu

At Answers in Genesis, there is an interesting article that covers the whole idea of the "evolving" bird flu epidemic.

"So is bird flu evolving? In a sense, this is a semantic trap. If ‘evolution’ is defined to mean ‘change’ or ‘genetic change within a population’, the answer is a clearcut ‘yes’. But most people hear the word ‘evolution’ and think that it means the fullblown story—molecules to mathematicians, and so on. And it simply does not follow logically that demonstrating that organisms can change shows that they are capable of the sort of change required to turn microbes to microbiologists."

You can read this article further at AIG.

Just thinking...


Anonymous said...

Spend all your day arguing black into white and how bird flu doesn't prove evolution, dumbfuck. If it mutates, then the virus isn't going to give a shit what anybody thinks and we at least have a chance of fighting it applying our evolutionary and microbiological research then reading some book written by bronze age nomads.

William Dicks said...

This must be a teenager of about 13. Adults just don't talk like this do they? Isn't it just amazing how those who believe in evolution cannot stand anything that doesn't agree with their point of view.

It is simply proof that evolutionists are not seeking truth. It is a religion that must be kept and nothing else. REAL scientists will look at the empirical evidence, which, my dear kiddie, evolution CANNOT provide!

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