Friday, October 14, 2005

The impact we have

It is sometimes scary to realize that the impact we have is as far reaching as it is (or... not at all!).
Phil Johnson, the PyroManiac, started blogging on June 1, 2005. The stream of readers to his blog has been growing at a steady rate. Last Friday, Oct 7, he went on some ministry or business trip that would eventually last for 2 weeks. In this time Phil would not be posting to his blog. The amazing thing is that Phil posted a Taking a break message on his blog on Oct 7, and since then (at the time of this writing) there has been 91 comments posted to his Taking a break message. I personally think that the comment tally will break the 100 mark, and that while Phil is away from the blogosphere!
I sometimes wonder how much impact I have on my readers out there. I suppose that it is almost impossible to know. My hope is that I at least have a positive impact on my readers. "Positive" being not what is commonly known as "positive confession," "name-it-and-claim-it" or "Word-of-Faith." By the word "positive" I mean that what I write will be true to the Scriptures and bring about a change in the hearts of people. Certainly, I cannot claim that all I write will always be perfectly in line with the meaning of Scripture, since I am still in this fallen body living in a fallen world.
When I think of what my impact will be or can be, it makes me think how important it is not to treat the gospel of Jesus Christ with a blase attitude. Instead, like John Piper of desiringGod so often states, we need to let our lives and beliefs point to the supremacy of Christ in all things!
May God be so gracious to me that I make a difference in this world.
Just thinking...

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