Thursday, November 24, 2005

Finding my blog

I was reading Carla Rolfe's blog post on Do I Need to be Needed? She mentioned that some people are in blogging for the stats. I must admit, the only stats I really see are the stats sent to me on a weekly basis by Site Meter. She then had this to say:
"I find it extremely cool that people from the Pentagon, Israel, Disneyland, Grace to You, my hometown, the next town over, and even, are coming to this site. I like looking at the map, to see where some of these places are. They're stats, and I've been fascinated by stats for as long as I can remember. Stats represent people, and since I'm a people watcher, I find it educational, entertaining, and just plain cool."
Now I was wondering how to check this as I've only once checked the map on Site Meter to see where my blog readers come from. Well, I finally found out how to check how people find my blog. Here is a list of words or phrases that people used in search engines to find my blog. There are certain words and phrases here that reached my blog, but I am not going to supply the actual links to the search engines on these words or phrases. That might just give the devil a tool for temptation.
I find it very interesting how my blog is reached via search engines.
greekscholar (I got this hit because of misspelling greek scholar)
dicks (Believe it or not! It is my surname - last name)
"john piper" (Even John Piper brought me a visitor)
home made porn (Linking to my article)
porn (Linking to my article. I actually got several hits from different search engines on just this one word)
celebrities breasts bouncing (Link to same article above)
cycling (I actually got several hits from different search engines on just this one word)
arguments for euthanasia (This led them to the wrong site!)
fred price church (You have to page forever to find my blog, so this guy was very persistent)
I find Carla's post, mentioned above, very interesting. Who do we blog for? If we are blogging simply for ourselves, then we might as well just keep a diary at home. Blogging is specifically there for other people to read. If someone therefore says they do not blog to get hits, I have to wonder why they blog at all then? Carla, you have a point! If we blog without wanting people to read what we write, then what is the use? Especially, as Christian bloggers we need to get people bleading our blogs.
Just thinking...

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Carla Rolfe said...

I can only speak for me. Blogging is the evolution of web sites, forums & the like.

I have a blog because it's 150% easier to maintain & update than my website and my (now closed) forum, combined.

I write on the blog because that's what I do with my thoughts, questions, frustrations, ideas, and all that good stuff. I write it out. I learned a long time ago sharing those things with other believers gives you fresh perspective that can bless you in huge ways. The icing on the blog-cake, is when you also can bless someone else with what you have to bring to the table.

I like blogging :-) Not big on the word "blogging" but that's another topic.


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