Friday, November 11, 2005

South Africa is burning!

It amazes me that when people in this country do not get their way, they have to resort to violence and riots!
Over a period of 2 months, train commuters have caused 100s of millions of South African Rands ($1 = R6.67) worth of damage to train coaches.
Just two days ago commuters, who were upset about trains running late, torched 28 coaches (R200 million worth of damage) fuelled on by their barbarism. I am sorry, but when a train is running late, you deal with it like a civilized adult, not like the spoilt brat of a barbarian from some pre-historic age. There was a lot of burning of anything that moved before the first "democratic" elections in 1994 in what was known as the "apartheid" era. Here is a newsflash! NOTHING has changed!
Selwyn Duke at NewsWithViews wrote an article called SHOOT RIOTERS ON SIGHT. I am starting to think that it is a good answer to rioting here in South Africa. It just seems to me that our government is incapable of handling situations like this. On the other hand, without sounding conspiratorial, I don't think our government wants to do anything against it since 99% of these people make up their voters base.
When a people cannot rule themselves from within, they will have to be ruled from without. What is the other alternative?... Anarchy! When a people cannot rule themselves from within, they open themselves to the rule of tyrants. More than once in the history of the world, the only way to deal with anarchy was to rule with the iron fist of a tyrant.
When a nation turns its back on Christianity, which is so well suited for being ruled from the inside by an ever present God, then the people will no longer be able to base their choices in life on what is objectively right and wrong. When what is wrong today becomes the right of tomorrow, the people will become rule-less in themselves and their choices will abundantly portray that in their actions.
Will the people choose the iron fist of a tyrant or will they rather live under the hand of God? It seems to me that this people do not know, since there categories of right and wrong are baseless in this postmodern era of shifting moral sands!
Just thinking...

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