Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Spiritual mentors

Tim Challies, I think, has touched on one of the most important aspects of Christianity. That of discipleship!
Tim starts his article quite humorously by stating how jealous he is of Josh Harris who was mentored by CJ Mahaney. It might be funny to start reading Tim's article, but he hits an important point when he writes:
"I am desperate for a mentor. I am absolutely desperate to have someone who will invest in me. I am desperate to find a person, or have a person find me, who will play Paul to this Timothy."
One thing that the church has definitely neglected is the issue of discipleship. Many churches today, and it seems more so in the mega-churches, are into church growth and numbers and getting people saved and listed on their membership rolls. Once these poor people become part of a church they are kind of left on there own. They are simply told to attend church, attend Bible study/cell group, read the Bible and pray.
These days there is almost no mentoring or discipling going on. Many pastors preach fluffy sermons from the pulpit, calling it God's word for the day, and think that they have now deserved their salaries. Pastors are so busy in meetings with this new business style of running their churches that they do not have time to disciple anyone! Pastors are no longer shepherds, but have become managers! And,... we all know that managers are not leaders, they simply manage! Pastors are supposed to walk in front of the flock, leading the way in doctrine and life. Instead, they are sitting in some office or meeting discussing how the church is growing instead of discipling the people of the church.
The cry of my heart is very similar to that of Tim Challies. I would also love to have a mentor. Yet, the sad fact is that in my own church, I think very differently to the rest. I am Reformed, they are Arminian. I am mildly charismatic. They are overtly charismatic, and may I say, somewhat overboard.
From what I have read and heard from these men, I would love to be mentored by someone like John Piper or Al Mohler. The sad fact is that I live in South Africa and from where I sit, I do not see anyone here of that calibre.
It is in times like this that we simply need to throw ourselves into the loving and caring arms of our heavenly father. Since we are so desperately in need of mentorship, perhaps by mentoring others we will grow?!
Just thinking...

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Adrian Warnock said...

Thanks for thinking about and responding to this- I am not sure if you saw my post on the subject

Anyway, I had a look at newfrontiers have a number of churches in South Africa right now not sure if any of them are near enough for you - we are both reformed and charismatic ourselves so it might be worth a visit if nothing else:

Take a look at for a UK example (my church)

Amanzimtoti, Kwazulu Natal - 1 church(es)
Bellville, Western Cape - 1 church(es)
Cape Town, Western Cape - 4 church(es)
Clarens, Free State - 1 church(es)
Fish Hoek, Cape Province - 1 church(es)
Grabouw, Cape Province - 1 church(es)
Guguletu, Cape Province - 1 church(es)
Harrismith, Free State - 1 church(es)
Johannesburg, Gauteng - 1 church(es)
Khayelitsha, Cape Province - 1 church(es)
Kleinmond, Cape Province - 1 church(es)
Langebaan, Cape Province - 1 church(es)
Mtubatuba, Kwazulu Natal - 1 church(es)
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa - 1 church(es)
Plumstead, Cape Province - 1 church(es)
Somerset West, Cape Province - 1 church(es)

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