Tuesday, November 22, 2005

James White's cycling

I see that James White is chatting a little about his cycling around Tucson where they attracted almost 8000 riders.

Well, last weekend (20 Nov), it was the local 94.7 Km cycle challenge here in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was only the race's 9th year and 28,000 riders took the challenge. It is the second largest timed cycle race in the world after the Argus Cycle Tour.

My wife and I participated on a tandem, but alas, we weren't even half as prepared as we should have been. My wife struggled with flu this year, contracting it no less than 4 times, plus she had vertigo which kept her off the bike for at least 6 weeks. There are no flat parts on this race and the flattest section is still a hill. So, it was up and down, up and down,...

The uphills are oh so awful on a tandem, but the downhills are so sweet. We reached 80Km/h (49.7mi/h) on one of the downhills. On another race we actually reached 91Km/h (56.5mi/h).

Because we weren't fit enough for the race this year, I battled especially on the hills. I hate being beaten by those upside down downhills, so I try to put effort in. As a result, from about 40Km onwards it felt like I was riding with a knife in my leg. With about 10Km to go I was very close to tears because of the pain. Yet, I pushed on and ensured my wife that we WOULD finish, since I could not deny her the satisfaction of crossing that line because I was in pain.

Well, the Argus Cycle Tour is looming (35,000 riders), so off I go....

Just thinking...

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